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Dylan Thomas Narrating Under Milk Wood LP (Used Book)

Thomas, Dylan
Price: $19.95
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Very Good

Lovely condition; a special record. 

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Publication Date: 
A   Under Milkwood
B   Under Milkwood
C   Under Milkwood
D   Under Milkwood

Artwork – Frasconi 

Featuring, Narrator – Dylan Thomas 

Performer – Allen F. Collins, Dion Allen, Nancy Wickwire, Roy Poole, Sada Thompson 

Photography By – R. Thorne McKenna 

Dylan Thomas with the Original New York cast. Recorded at the Poetry Center of the YM-YWHA, Lexington Avenue and 92nd Street, New York, on May 14, 1953, with Dylan Thomas, Dion Allen, Allen F. Collins, Roy Poole, Sada Thompson, Nancy Wickwire.

Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson LP (Used Book)

Dickinson, Emily
Price: $18.95
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Unique, beautiful record. 

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Other Authors: 
Copland, Aaron
CBS Masterworks
Publication Date: 
  Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson

Soprano Vocals – Adele Addison

A1   Nature, The Gentlest Mother 3:46
A2   There Came A Wind Like A Bugle 1:28
A3   Why Do They Shut Me Out Of Heaven? 1:43
A4   The World Feels Dusty 1:47
A5   Heart, We Will Forget Him 2:09
A6   Dear March, Come In! 2:09
A7   Sleep Is Supposed To Be 2:47
A8   When They Come Back 1:48
A9   I Felt A Funeral In My Brain 1:58
A10   I've Heard An Organ Talk Sometimes 1:53
A11   Going To Heaven! 2:37
A12   The Chariot 2:58
    Three Choruses  
B1   In The Beginning

Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Mildred Miller

B2   Las Agachadas (The Shake-Down Song) 3:02
B3   Lark

Baritone Vocals – Robert Hale 

Chorus – New England Conservatory Chorus (tracks: B1 to B3)

Composed by Aaron Copland 

Conductor – Aaron Copland (tracks: B1 to B3)

Lyrics By [Poems] – Emily Dickinson (tracks: A1 to A12)

Piano – Aaron Copland (tracks: A1 to A12)

In Circles by Gertrude Stein LP (Used Book)

Stein, Gertrude
Price: $28.00
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Very Good

Excellent condition. Rare, beautiful find! 

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Other Authors: 
Carmine, Al
Avant Garde Records
Publication Date: 

IN CIRCLES, Original Off-Off 1967 Broadway Cast (Gertrude Stein; Music by Al Carmines). Avant Garde stereo AV 108

A   In Circles (Side 1) 30:35
B   In Circles (Side 2) 36:20

Published by Vanguard Music Corp.

Avant Garde Records, Inc.

Mastered at Longwear Plating

Directed by Lawrence Kornfeld

Words by Gertrude Stein 

Music and Piano by Al Carmines 

Performer, Vocals – Arlene Rothlein, Arthur Williams, David Tice, David Vaughan, Elaine Summers, George McGrath, Jacque Lynn Cotton, James Hilbrandt, Joseph Beruh, Julie Kurnitz, Lee Crespi, Lee Guilliatt, Nancy Zala, Theo Barnes

Presented by Franklin De Boer  

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